Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit

Canadian Winters can reach sub zero temperatures, leaving many of us to grab whatever is available to keep warm. Before you reach for the black bubble jacket... Let's take a lesson from the First Nations people who know how to keep warm while looking Hot Hot Hot. Many americans talk about moving to Canada with … Continue reading Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit


Deja turns 18!

My daughter Deja turned 18 on Wednesday. We had a huge birthday party for her at Boston Pizza. We got her favorite cake, Black forest. Deja's biological family was present. I think the entire restaurant shook when our group regaled her with 'Happy Birthday'. The waitresses were so impressed that they told us over and … Continue reading Deja turns 18!

My first manuscript-complete, well sort of

My class instructor for the 'Change It Up Entrepreneur Program', Leiha Crier asked me a few weeks ago what scares me the most? and what can I get done? I immediately thought finishing a book project scares me and I can get one done! (yikes) I had written many poems and much prose over the … Continue reading My first manuscript-complete, well sort of