Tansi! My name is Marsha Omeasoo , but my Traditional Cree name is Blue Thunderbird Woman. I’m the second oldest daughter of six and I grew up on the Rez in Maskwacis.
I started the love of writing when I was in grade 1. My first letter was to Santa Clause. My friend Kristee had to help me with my spelling. I moved up to story writing and was writing epic saga’s by the time I was 11 years old. I started acting when I was 14 and travelled all over alberta with the Four Winds theater doing a play called ‘Dreamstick’.

In highschool I did more plays and wrote and directed a play. During the summer I met my would be husband. He had big manly hands so I knew he was the one 🙂 We fell in love.
Seven daughters later we still follow each other around like lovesick puppies. We live in Maskwacis. My husband works on reclamation and I left my job as a social worker to raise our daughters and follow my passion of storytelling (writing, acting, directing).
Each day is a joy and a gift. I love preparing healthy nutritious meals for my family and I love the time we share together.

My hope is that you enjoy my blog, as much as I enjoy preparing it 🙂



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