Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit

image.jpgCanadian Winters can reach sub zero temperatures, leaving many of us to grab whatever is available to keep warm.

Before you reach for the black bubble jacket…

Let’s take a lesson from the First Nations people who know how to keep warm while looking Hot Hot Hot.

Many americans talk about moving to Canada with Trump’s win as president. Start dressing like a Canadian today. Take it from the True, North, Strong and Free.

This dream team will not disappoint you no matter who runs for office. The only downer will be having to store it away in the warm weather months.

Baby it’s cold outside, so suit up in This Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit.

  1. Say Yes to this Pendleton dream coat by Janine’s Custom Creations. facebook.com/…0579947788/1300740463281133
  2. These chic Muk Luks from Manitobah Mukluks. store.manitobah.ca/…roducts/kanada-mukluk
  3. And these magical mittens from Manitobah Mukluks.store.manitobah.ca/…ies/products/gauntlet
  4. Finish the look with this knit beanie (in black)from Pendleton.pendleton-usa.com/…918/c/2404/pc/1815.uts

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