10 Must have wardrobe pieces

Here is a my list of 10 essential wardrobe pieces needed in any women’s closet.

  1. Pendleton fleece coat – Like this pendleton coat I’m in love with from Janine’s Custom Creations. facebook.com/…89512936232/904189512936232
  2. A Crisp white button up shirt – like this one…  additionelle.com/…eeve-dress-shirt/759583
  3. Cardigan – goes with any jeans/leggings. pendleton-usa.com/…708/c/2400/pc/1815.uts
  4. White t shirt – Yes, a man’s Tee but the reviews are in, super soft and tagless. It’s fabulous, women and men rate this A+.  I’ve worn my husband’s it’s so comfortable.  hanes.ca/…/hanes-mens-tagless-crewneck-t-shirt
  5. Sunglasses – a good pair like these ones. urbanoutfitters.com/…og/productdetail.jsp
  6. Boots – Invest in a good ankle or tall boot. Black with stacked heel will go with any outfit. stevemadden.ca/…c/3787/sc/3788/242491.uts
  7. Diamond earrings – cubic zirconia please and thank you. Make them worth your while, get the square cut. thebay.com/…/14kt-wg-earrings-set-with-4x4mm-sq-cubic-zirconia-stones-0038-xek4134pxx–24
  8. Turquoise necklace – Spice up your tees or upgrade your crisp white shirt to fashionista.  etsy.com/…/hand-crafted-genuine-turquoise-in
  9. Black leggings – need I say more. Goes good with anything, any wear, anytime.   torrid.com/…uct/premium-leggings/10208892 or these 🙂 hsn.com/…and-faux-leather-jegging/8183784
  10. Scarf – A must have. This extra long knit works well for ‘wrapping and knotting’ and the design rocks. pendleton-usa.com/…730/c/2404/pc/1815.uts

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