Banana Nutella Muffins!

My kids love nutella and they love banana muffins. So the chocolate and banana's got married in our house and became one. Oh the deliciousness of it all. It's a happy marriage and we like that. So I decided to give away the bride and groom so to speak so that you can share this … Continue reading Banana Nutella Muffins!


10 Must have wardrobe pieces

Here is a my list of 10 essential wardrobe pieces needed in any women's closet. Pendleton fleece coat - Like this pendleton coat I'm in love with from Janine's Custom Creations.…89512936232/904189512936232 A Crisp white button up shirt - like this one...…eeve-dress-shirt/759583 Cardigan - goes with any jeans/leggings.…708/c/2400/pc/1815.uts White t shirt - Yes, a man's … Continue reading 10 Must have wardrobe pieces