My Daughter Belle Graduated!

imageThe school year is wrapping up and coming to an end. And these past few weeks have been a whirl wind of activity throughout our home.

Since my last Blog post, my husband Todd had a birthday, my sister and her husband had birthdays-Ingrid and Dean. As did our oldest daughter Winona. And yes, I turned a year wiser myself! We have so many birthdays in the months of May and June alone!

As well, Ella and Anna are well  into their baseball season. My grandaughter Taleiya turned 4 months old and can now roll over and say ‘Mom’. Ella’s PAC tests are complete as well as Tallulah’s DIPLOMA exams. Which means…

Tallulah (Belle) has graduated grade 12!!

Yes, we have done much celebrating in our home. Tallulah is my third daughter to graduate (in four years). A lil birdie graduating and on her way in the world.

They grow so fast.

I remember when she was in diapers, watching the Teletubbies and learning how to walk. The next thing you know she is  growing up and swimming, skating, playing with her friends and raising a hamster (and Tamagotchi). And going to dance class then later drama workshops and classes.

Now I watch Belle play with cameras, film equipment and writing scripts. I like to think I rubbed off on her with my story writing and desire to make film. I can’t take all the credit. Watching my daughter, I can’t help but think she was born to do what she is doing.

Chasing after her dream with fierce determination.

And isn’t that what any parent aspires for their children.? I know I do.

I’ve learned hard lessons. And one is…Do what you love

I stand behind that and anyone who goes after their dreams…100%.

Watching my daughter accept her diploma at her commencement was like a dream. It was surreal. Here is my daughter, standing before me, achieving a milestone in her life. It is truly quite amazing. I remember before she was born, but a twinkle in my eye, wondering who my children would be, and what would they do when they got older?

I think about the movie  ‘The Story of Us’ where in it, Michelle Phieffer’s character tells her husband (played by Bruce Willis)- in a tearful monologue “God they’re great kids and we made them! Think about that! its like there were no people, and now there are people..and they grew”. I always think about that.

Now there are people. ❤

I watched my daughter grow in my tummy. Then held her in my arms. Changed her diapers, bathed her, breast fed her, wiped her tears, kissed her boo boo’s, supported her in her endeavors, and watched her grow into the young woman she is today. A woman who has vision and dreams. A heart full of love to share and humor full of sass and whit.

Belle plans on becoming a film maker and creating story. She has been cast in this years ‘A Christmas Carol’ with a local theater in Ponoka. (I’m looking forward to watching the play with my family during the Christmas holidays) She is excited about that. She is working on projects and making her way.

Belle’s graduation was a two day ceremony. First was the commencement, cap and gown ceremony and the next day was the banquet complete with limo,dinner and gowns. Her dress was literally done the day before. And anyone who knows…Graduation is not cheap. A word to the wise, plan a year in advance. Things go so much smoother, however, as I can attest, even then, prepare for surprises (like how long alterations can take)! That was cutting it close. Whew.

We did it! T’was a team effort.

All in all, this year has been full of blessings.

A special thank you to God,

And to the following; My parents, My sister Ingrid and her husband Dean Kelln and their children. My sister Lyvia, my daughters Winona, Tia, Deja, Alliah, Ella and Anna Marie. And to Samson Nipsihkopahk Education Authority.

And finally, Thank you Tallulah.

Thank you for going the distance. For waking up and going to school everyday, even when times got tough and you didn’t want to. You went anyway.

Thank you for not getting involved in drug and alcohol abuse, even though alot of your friends did.

Thank you for talking to me and your dad when you had a problem. Thank you for being a good citizen and a great daughter…which made it easy for me to let certain things slide. Thank you for working things out with me, your dad and others.

I thank you for your ability to solve problems, and I thank you for not going wild- which I’m sure must of been hard because you are only young once. And others were doing it.

You blazed  your own trail.

Thank you for thinking of others and being thoughtful. I appreciate it as a parent. I pray that the path you walk in life is full of blessings and serendipitous moments. That your journey take you to happy places and surround you with friends.

As Rod Stewart says in his famous song ‘Forever Young’

” May the Good Lord be with you down every road you roam,

And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home.

Be courageous and be brave, and in my heart you’ll always stay

Forever Young”

Congratulations Tallulah!!

Love your mom



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