Deja turns 18!

imageMy daughter Deja turned 18 on Wednesday.

We had a huge birthday party for her at Boston Pizza. We got her favorite cake, Black forest. Deja’s biological family was present. I think the entire restaurant shook when our group regaled her with ‘Happy Birthday’. The waitresses were so impressed that they told us over and over, they never heard Happy Birthday sung like that. We created quite a buzz. You could feel it, there was lots of love in the house.

I remember when I started my mommy journey. Not quite knowing all the answers but just knowing that I wanted to be the best mommy I could be for my children. I believe without a doubt that has been the deciding factor when raising my girls. Trusting the Creator, and lots of prayer for guidance. I have been a mom for over 23 years! There were the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, going to work the next day tired, taking care of sick children, thanking the Lord when ones fever broke (put that in the book of awesome), adopting two more daughters along the way, and lots of teen angst.


It was not easy-although, nothing worthwhile ever is. But the joy, the pure joy of children is remarkable and ¬†rewarding. There is nothing quite like seeing the world through your child’s eyes. The conversation that ensues. The wonderment. The questions, the choices. The love. My children are my greatest accomplishments-I can make claim to that.

My daughter Deja recently became a mother. I’m so proud of the choices she is making to be the best mother she can be. And it shows. Happy Babies make the world a better place (and my grand daughter is a happy baby). Now I know why I wanted to be the best mother I could be. Because parenting is a map and guidepost. A map my daughters can follow when they have problems, when they have to make decisions, and also when they become parents. I’m sure even the twists, turns and bumps I’ve taken along the way will help my daughters on the road to discovery.

When you hear people say “Your children are watching you”. They really are. Where is your map taking your children?

Hopefully on a journey where the mighty thunder of songs, love, and laughter is.




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