My first manuscript-complete, well sort of

My class instructor for the ‘Change It Up Entrepreneur Program’, Leiha Crier asked me a few weeks ago what scares me the most? and what can I get done? I immediately thought finishing a book project scares me and I can get one done! (yikes) I had written many poems and much prose over the course of a few years, surely I could put something together and have it done the following week. So I set a deadline added a few more poems and thanks to Leiha’s challenge I completed a project!! *pat my own back. Well done Marsha.

I had 10 titles I was playing with. I had a hard time choosing just one. It was during this time my mom called me up and asked if I could drive her to the city, to visit her sister, my aunt Brenda. My aunt was going into surgery (my aunt had a clogged artery and doctors were going to put a splint in). I agreed of course and my mom came to pick me up and we were off. On arrival we found out that auntie Brenda was already out of surgery. And *cue miracle* the clog was gone! Apparently some healers came to see my Auntie Brenda two nights before and prayed over her.  My Auntie Brenda has a strong faith and combine that with prayers – she was healed. The doctors were kind of astonished there was no clogged artery as evident on the picture my auntie so proudly showed us. Praise Jesus indeed! Hiy Hiy Notawiynan Kisimanito! (Thank you my Father, kind loving God).

My auntie had a bandage on her wrist that was tightly bound as they made an incision there to get to her heart. The nurses would come over and check on it and consequently lecture her as to not move her wrist nor her fingers as her vein needed to seal or clot as they had cut it to go in. I listened with fascination as they explained the healing process to my aunt and my mother. I quickly glanced at my auntie Brenda and noted the unimpressed look on her face. No sooner was the nurse gone, auntie tried to make a phone call with both her hands. My mother of course spat out several words all in Cree to my aunt. Auntie Brenda put the phone down.

While were visiting, I asked for their help on titles for my book. I took out all my sticky notes, each with a title and stuck them on auntie Brenda’s tray table. They took a look and said they liked ‘Rezmerized’-hands down and added ‘Pekswekwensa’ which means ‘little stories’ in Cree. I do appreciate their help. My mom, pointed at Brenda and said ‘Brenda is a poet, she should write a book’. Brenda, groggy from surgery smiled and recited a poem that she had read aloud when she was running for the title of ‘Miss Hobbema’ back in the day (I believe this to be in the 70’s.) It was a great poem. I thanked her for sharing and even encouraged her to write a poetry book! She had a far off look in her eye. Yes! I told her, we need more First Nations female writers!

My aunt Brenda always had a way with words, she is very descriptive.  The Cree language is a descriptive language so it makes sense. I’ve always marveled at how auntie can say so much by saying so little. Like when my cousins and I took her clubbing in the 90s and to our amazement, every guy in the club came up to her wanting to dance. My auntie Brenda always exuded a ‘Dynasty’ like glamour (all my aunts did). My aunt Brenda, not wanting to be bothered by these men, would say things like ‘Don’t touch the merchandise’ in a wolfman jack voice. Not much said, point well made. They would retreat, both hands up.

Needless to say, we were the loudest in the heart surgery recovery unit. We made the nurses laugh, the patients laugh and Auntie Brenda made me laugh. Good God I love the Peigan women in my family ❤

My poetry book is a labor of love. I am currently looking for a publisher. As I have never published any book before in my life. I am on new ground. It is exciting and a little scary. My book has a little bit of everything (drama, love, anger, loss, starting over). I’m quite proud of the work in it. I emailed some of my writer friends and told them I finished this manuscript, but I keep editing it. My question was this..Is a writer ever truly done a book once its technically ‘complete’? The answers were varied but all, if not most agreed, no. Even the greats still tinkered after the finished product. Infact, some writers continue to edit, even after the book had been published! Ahh. I love those stories. I am not alone.

Like Leiha said in class. Business people are do’ers. Do it! so I pass this advice along..What fears can you face? and what project can you get done that you have been putting off? add a deadline for good measure then share your good news.

Do it 🙂


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