Trauma, and Truth

I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I was sexually abused by 3 males in my family by the time I was 12. In some instances the abuse lasted for several years. Later in my life, a psychologist would tell me that I need to deal with my past, specifically the childhood trauma I went … Continue reading Trauma, and Truth


Bannock Deep Dish Pizza

Long ago in a far off place, a mother was feeding her hungry children and decided to amalgamate bannock, bisquick and pizza to make supper. It worked. The combination saved the hungry children and tasted out of this world. The children lived happily ever after(for that night's meal anyways.) The end. Cut to: Present time. … Continue reading Bannock Deep Dish Pizza


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to Nutritionists and Dieticians. The reason is this, breakfast breaks the overnight fast ( when we sleep) and according to my dietician, replenishes our supply of glucose while providing essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Thus providing energy so we can get through our day. I … Continue reading MARSHA’S MUESLI

Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit

Canadian Winters can reach sub zero temperatures, leaving many of us to grab whatever is available to keep warm. Before you reach for the black bubble jacket... Let's take a lesson from the First Nations people who know how to keep warm while looking Hot Hot Hot. Many americans talk about moving to Canada with … Continue reading Ultimate Winter Wear Outfit

Banana Nutella Muffins!

My kids love nutella and they love banana muffins. So the chocolate and banana's got married in our house and became one. Oh the deliciousness of it all. It's a happy marriage and we like that. So I decided to give away the bride and groom so to speak so that you can share this … Continue reading Banana Nutella Muffins!

10 Must have wardrobe pieces

Here is a my list of 10 essential wardrobe pieces needed in any women's closet. Pendleton fleece coat - Like this pendleton coat I'm in love with from Janine's Custom Creations.…89512936232/904189512936232 A Crisp white button up shirt - like this one...…eeve-dress-shirt/759583 Cardigan - goes with any jeans/leggings.…708/c/2400/pc/1815.uts White t shirt - Yes, a man's … Continue reading 10 Must have wardrobe pieces

My Daughter Belle Graduated!

The school year is wrapping up and coming to an end. And these past few weeks have been a whirl wind of activity throughout our home. Since my last Blog post, my husband Todd had a birthday, my sister and her husband had birthdays-Ingrid and Dean. As did our oldest daughter Winona. And yes, I … Continue reading My Daughter Belle Graduated!

Deja turns 18!

My daughter Deja turned 18 on Wednesday. We had a huge birthday party for her at Boston Pizza. We got her favorite cake, Black forest. Deja's biological family was present. I think the entire restaurant shook when our group regaled her with 'Happy Birthday'. The waitresses were so impressed that they told us over and … Continue reading Deja turns 18!

Akamayimohk (Never give up)

I had to face the facts. Things weren't working for me. They hadn't been for along time, maybe longer than I realized. I was stressed, and I was scared. I was frustrated and I felt alone. Things wouldn't work. My life wasn't working. My health wasn't working. My relationships - not working. It was manifesting … Continue reading Akamayimohk (Never give up)